Iran, Russia stress need to finalize comprehensive document on long-term cooperation

Tehran (ISNA) – In a telephone conversation, the Presidents of Iran and Russia stressed the need to finalize a comprehensive document on long-term cooperation, referring to the two countries’ common positions and convergence on bilateral, regional and international issues.

In the that took place on Tuesday, Ebrahim Raisi appreciated the call of his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, and called the Islamic Republic of Iran’s will as aimed at developing trade and economic relations with Russia.

He said, “We are ready to finalize a comprehensive document on long-term cooperation between the two countries so that the process of further development of the relations and cooperation between the two countries can be implemented as soon as possible”.

The President said that Tehran and Moscow have convergence and synergy in many international issues, adding, “Countering unilateralism and strengthening multilateralism are among the common grounds of the two countries”.

Dr. Raisi stressed the need for cooperation between the two countries in regional issues, and said, “We consider the continued presence of outsiders in Syria against the will of the people and government and illegal because it threatens the stability and security of the country”.

Referring to the developments in , the President said, “We consider the presence of in Afghanistan dangerous for the region and the country, and we must be aware of the dangers of this conspiracy”.

Ayatollah Raisi stated, “The Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to establish an all-inclusive government with the presence of all ethnic and political groups, and we believe that the formation of such a government can guarantee the security of the country”.

Dr. Raisi continued by appreciating Russia’s position in defending Iran’s rights and the need to lift all sanctions against the , emphasizing, “The Islamic Republic of Iran is very serious in the negotiations and we are equally serious in ensuring the rights of our nation to lift sanctions as well”.

The President welcomed Russia’s initiative for stability and peace in the Caucasus region. The two sides also stressed in the telephone conversation, “Any change in the geopolitical state and changing the borders of the countries in the region is not acceptable”.

In this telephone conversation, Ayatollah Raisi thanked the Russian President and government for contributing to Iran’s membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (), as well as in providing .

In the same phone call, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that Tehran and Moscow share common positions on many issues, adding, “Moscow supports Tehran’s proposals in drafting a new document on long-term cooperation between the two countries, and we are determined to make it finalised and implemented as soon as possible”.

Emphasizing that Moscow attaches great importance to improving the level of economic relations and finalizing joint investment programmes with Iran, the Russian President said, “We are witnessing positive inclinations for increasing the level of bilateral, regional and , and there is no doubt that the development of cooperation will accelerate”.

Referring to the two countries’ cooperation in regional issues, especially on Syria, Putin said, “By working together, we were able to preserve Syria’s independence and destroy the terrorist hotspot in the country. Of course, we must continue our close cooperation, especially in various regional areas”.

The Russian President also expressed support for the rights of the Iranian people on the nuclear issue and expressed hope that in the future negotiations, the parties would have sufficient political will to get out of the current situation.

Expressing concern over the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh issue, Putin said, “To increase the level of trust and cooperation in the region, we seek to launch a 3+3 consultative mechanism, and we hope that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports it”.

The Russian President concluded, “Russia is determined to continue cooperating in the fight against COVID-19 and sending vaccine shipments to Iran”.

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