Iran, Russia strategic view on foreign relations; axis of new ties

Iran Press/ : Referring to the dimensions of ’s visit to , stated that Iran’s principled position is to ensure regional security by countries in the region.

Noting that the Islamic Republic has already presented the idea of ​​forming a regional dialogue forum and the initiative of regional cooperation with the countries of the region, he said: “Iran’s goal is to maintain stability and security in the region, and in this regard, it has presented a plan to Russia to establish a security system in the with regional participation and trans-regional support, which has been reviewed in different periods.”

He pointed out that there are a variety of strategic issues in Tehran-Moscow relations, and given the imposed on Iran, there is a strong desire on the part of the two countries’ private and public sectors to cooperate in exports and imports to Russia.

Iranian traveled to Moscow on Wednesday morning at the invitation of his Russian counterpart Vladimir at the head of a high-level delegation.


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