Iran roads minister meets with four envoys for bilateral ties

, discussed mutual ties on relevant issues with four envoys to the Islamic Republic of Iran including Algeria, , and .

In his meeting with Shafiq Dayoub Syrian Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran on Saturday, Ghasemi said that the new government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in strengthening economic, political and cultural cooperation with the Syrian Arab Republic.

As head of the Iran-Syria Joint , he said that drastic measures will be taken in this regard in line with enhancing in all areas.

The two countries of Iran and Syria is now facing problems in the field of baking transactions, the issue of which would be resolved in the very near future, Ghasemi emphasized.

In his meeting with the Romanian envoy to Iran Mirela-Carmen Grecu, he pointed to the long history of cooperation between Iran and Romania which dates back to 120 years ago and stated that the principle of the foreign policy of the Iranian government is based on mutual respect, and friendship between nations and also forging constructive interactions with world countries especially Romania in important Balkan and area.

In the meeting of the Iranian minister and Armenian envoy to Iran Artashesh Toumanian, the two sides exchanged their views on the relevant issues related to international transit and transportation between the two countries.

The two sides also discussed road transit, ensuring security and facilitation of transit between Iran and Armenia and connecting railways between the two countries, the pursuit of an agreement to set up Persian Gulf – Black Sea International Transport Corridor and emphasized the need for acceleration of this contract.

In the meeting with Abdel Moneim Ahriz Envoy of the Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria to Iran, Ghasemi was satisfied with the continuation of age-old, historical and friendly relations between Iran and Algeria and emphasized the need for expansion of in all economic, political and cultural fields.  


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