Iran resumes production of advanced centrifuges: report

Western diplomats on Tuesday have told Wall Street Journal(WSJ) that Islamic Republic of Iran has resumed production of advanced centrifuge equipment at its Karaj nuclear facility.

Quoting Western sources as saying, the newspaper claimed that the new move will pose a new challenge to the administration of President Joe Biden who is seeking talks with JCPOA parties to return to 2015 nuclear deal or the JCPOA.

In an interview with American newspaper, Western diplomats claimed that Islamic Republic of Iran started producing centrifuge parts at a limited level in late August but since then, Iran has been able to produce an unknown number of rotors by increasing its production speed.

According to this claim, Iran has succeeded in producing a significant number of centrifuge parts as of late August. A diplomat has claimed that Iran has built parts needed for at least 170 centrifuges.

Iran and the remaining signatories to the JCPOA known as the P4+1 with the indirect involvement of the United States have held six rounds of talks so far with no results. The Western powers made excessive demands during the talks and the talks were halted amid the change in the government in Iran.

The Iranian and the new top negotiator said last Wednesday that the talks on the removal of the US on Iran will start on November 29.

As part of the remedial measures taken by Iran amid the indifference of the JCPOA parties to continued US violations of the JCPOA, Iran halted voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol, which allows unannounced inspections of its nuclear sites by the inspectors as per a piece of legislation approved in the Iranian parliament last December as well as the JCPOA itself.

Meanwhile, Speaking in his weekly press conference, the Iranian Khatibzadeh said on Monday that the in invited to visit Tehran to meet with the Iranian Foreign Minister and the Head of (AEOI).

Referring to the agenda of Iranian negotiators in JCPOA-related talks in slated to be held on Nov. 29, the foreign ministry spokesman said that the focus of would be on lifting all illegal sanctions imposed by the United States on Iran.


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