Iran Ready to Work with Indonesia in Coronavirus Battle – Politics news

In a telephone conversation on Monday, Rouhani and his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo hailed the cordial, brotherly and ever-growing relations between Tehran and Jakarta, and stressed the need to enhance the ties in all areas to serve the interests of both nations.

The two presidents also touched upon the coronavirus pandemic in the world as well as the plans made and measures adopted by both countries to fight the disease, according to the Iranian administration’s official website.

They emphasized the necessity of boosting mutual cooperation as well as exchanging experience and scientific and technological achievements in that regard.

They also highlighted the importance of meeting each other’s needs in the campaign against the coronavirus.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has achieved good accomplishments in the field of science and technology and producing items such as diagnosis kits, ventilators, CT scan machines and N95 masks, and stands ready to work with Indonesia in that regard,” Rouhani underlined.

Highlighting the friendly and age-old relations between the two countries, the two presidents expressed hope the holding of the 13th meeting of the Iran-Indonesia Joint Economic Cooperation Commission would expedite the implementation of agreements signed between the two sides and lead to further development of reciprocal ties.

Rouhani also noted that the US sanctions against Iran run counter to basic human rights. “Illegal objections can be dangerous at a time when all world countries are fighting the coronavirus.”

The Indonesian president, in turn, expressed content with Iran’s achievements in the fight against the coronavirus.

Widodo said the pandemic has created tough conditions for the whole world today, urging all countries, especially Muslim nations, to help one another under the current circumstances.


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