Iran reacts to failed US plot aimed at causing riots in Cuba

Tehran (ISNA) – ’s Foreign Ministry spokesman has said the plot to cause nationwide in the Republic of failed thanks to solidarity between the country’s people and government, describing the solidarity as valuable.

also condemned the US’s gross interference in the internal affairs of independent and -seeking nations including Cuba and called for an immediate end to the unilateral US economic and financial embargos on the country.

Khatibzadeh reiterated that the embargos are aimed at causing discontent among citizens and the United States, while being the main culprit behind the living hardships of the Cuban people, acts as the supporter of the riots in the country and has sought to flagrantly meddle in the republic of Cuba’s internal affairs in violation of international law.

Foreign Ministry spokesman noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran declares solidarity with Cuba in line with its principled stance and once again announces that the which are to blame for the living and economic hardship in Cuba are illegal.

He added that Iran also declares that if the US is sincere in its claim that it supports the people of Cuba, it must end its illegal economic and financial embargos on Cuba which have been in place for over six decades.

In the end, the spokesman stressed that just as the US’s destabilizing acts in recent days have failed, the government and people of Cuba will overcome the current difficulties through handling the situation and interaction with each other and will dash the false hope of those interfere in the country’s internal affairs with the aim of achieving their own goals through destabilizing Cuba.

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