Iran, P4+1 continue talks in Vienna

(ISNA) – The removal held a meeting on Tuesday at the level of experts and with representatives of , the and the 4+1 group of countries in attendance at ’s Coburg Hotel.

At the meeting, the Iranian negotiators outlined the Islamic Republic of Iran’s views and made some fresh as to how to further the negotiations.

They also underlined the need to effectively remove the sanctions against the and encouraged other members to constructively participate in the talks.

The representatives of other countries attending the session also declared their readiness and seriousness to work on the issue of lifting the bans.

Meanwhile, a one-on-one meeting between head of the Iranian negotiating team and European Union External Action Service Deputy Secretary General was held Tuesday afternoon.

The two sides reviewed the results of Monday’s meeting and also Tuesday’s session of the sanctions removal working group and held talks over how to continue the negotiations.

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