Iran not willing to tie public fate to any country

stated that we have defined several keywords for the balanced foreign policy of the 13th administration called balanced foreign policy and active, dynamic and intelligent diplomacy adding: “The meaning of balanced foreign policy is that our prioritization of some countries, including our neighbors, does not mean neglecting relations with other countries in the world.”

He added: “We will pursue balanced diplomacy in relation to all parts of the world; In other words, while the 13th administration is focusing on neighboring and Asia as its priority, we are pursuing active, dynamic and intelligent diplomacy in , and in addition to all this, we are not forgetting Latin America and Africa.”

stated: “On the other hand, we will not neglect to work with and we will pay attention to the functioning of international organizations and, of course, to the shortcomings that exist, especially in the theoretical issues of international relations.” Given the importance of the structure-agent debate in international relations, we believe that each of the international structures that have been created has a function, and we can pursue some of our foreign policy goals and pursue our interests through regional and international organizations.


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