Iran logs 44 COVID deaths in 24 hrs

/ Iran News: According to definitive laboratory findings from yesterday to December 22, 2021, 6,177,885 people in the country have contracted COVID-19, and 6,016,324 of the infected people recovered.

Newly diagnosed with COVID-19 were 2,103 cases, of whom 344 patients were hospitalized.

2,821  are in intensive care units (ICU).

So far, 41,082,066  have been conducted across Iran.

According to the latest analysis, no cities are red or orange, 53 are yellow, and 395 are blue zones.

So far, 59,313,976 people have received the first dose of the , 50,744,197 have received the second dose, 4,593,787 have received the third dose, and the total number of injected in the country reached 114,651,960 doses.


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