Iran lifts travel bans at shared borders with neighbors

, is a key member of the National Taskforce for Fighting told that travel restrictions with neighboring countries have been lifted and the individuals from the neighbors can enter the country on condition they have a negative PCR test or provide proof of injection of 2 doses of .

Vahidi added that restrictions for the passengers who enter through air borders from the countries in which the is under control have been removed.

He also added that restrictions for , and England are still in place, adding that Tehran is pulling over the restrictions for travelers from other countries. 

The minister also stressed that restrictions for the countries where the Omicron variant is growing are likely to increase.  

Vahidi further pointed out that citizens of allowed countries can enter Iran through shared border crossings if they abide by operating standards such as providing negative PCR test results as well as documents that show they have been vaccinated.


Source link:mehrnews

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