Iran keeps close eyes on Sundan’s latest developments: FM Spox

/: “Saeed ” added: “The undemocratic removal of part of the governing body will ignore the will of the Sudanese people and will not meet the goals that the people of this country are pursuing.”

Khatibzadeh, noting that there are signs of effective interference of foreign factors in these developments, added: “Zionist now, do not hide their happiness from these actions.”

He added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran, while emphasizing the need for vigilance of the Sudanese Governing Council, invites all internal parties in the country to a comprehensive intra-Sudanese dialogue.”

Six days after the in , the situation in the country remains critical.

Since Monday’s coup in Sudan led by General , commander of the armed forces in Sudan, thousands have taken to the streets to oppose the coup, and several have been killed in clashes with security forces.

The military coup in Sudan took place just one month before the deadline for the complete transfer of control of the country to a civilian government that could have limited the influence of the Sudanese army.


calls for utmost restraint from all parties in Sudan

Thousands in Sudan demonstrate in support of forming a new government

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