Iran, Iraq to set up joint center for dust suppression

“During the meeting, the two sides underlined the demands of Iranian government and the Environmental Protection Agency for the control and containment of dust in its neighboring country, Iraq,” said Mohammad Mojabi, the deputy head of the Department of Environment for management development, legal and parliamentary affairs on Monday.

Mojabi said, according to previous negotiations and the agreements signed between the two countries, Iran asked for the implementation of agreed-upon programs and the Iraqi side expressed interest and hope to implement previous agreements with the Environmental Protection Agency.

In a long-term plan, the Iraqi side said they will plant pervasive saplings in different parts of Iraq, especially on the sidelines of dust-producing regions, Mojabi added.

The two countries decided to launch a joint center to control and reduce the damages of dust emission before an international summit to be held in Iran next year and in cooperation with the United Nations, he said.


Source: Mehrnews English