Iran, Iraq confer on boosting bilateral ties in the filed of electricity

Press/ : According to , Iraj Masjedi, of the Islamic Republic of Iran to , met with Iraqi Minister of Adel Karim to discuss -Baghdad relations and cooperation in various fields.

In this meeting, the two sides, referring to the commonalities and deep ties between Iran and Iraq in various fields, emphasized on strengthening and expanding cooperation between the two countries in the interests of Tehran and Baghdad.

During the meeting, the Iraqi Minister of Electricity, referring to his recent visit to Tehran, invited his Iranian counterpart, , and announced Baghdad’s readiness to receive the Iranian in Iraq.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is currently the most important and largest supplier of electricity to Iraq, and the country has relied on these years to meet its need for from Iran.

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Iraq has been suffering from energy shortages for nearly two decades, producing 19,000 megawatts of electricity, while its real need is more than 30,000 megawatts.

One third of Iraq’s energy needs come from electricity and gas imports from the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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