Iran envoy says West plays blame game in Vienna talks

The Iranian to the   wrote on his account, “…When we do not negotiate with them, they use all their tools and hypocritically pretend to be in favor of dialogue and .”

The ambassador also said that “However when agrees to sit at the table, the Western side makes excessive demands contrary to their previous statements.”

“They do not give the other side any rights and adopt an aggressive stance so that any negotiator with any political background regrets the constructive and positive attitude.”

Baharvand added that in the meantime, world mainstream media accompany the in their unfair blame game during the negotiations

“I must admit that they have good skills in the hypocritical game,” the envoy further said, while adding that Iran knows their game well from years of experience of negotiating with them. 

“I think the way to deal with this insidious behavior is to first resist this ,” Baharvand went on to underscore while stressing that Iran has to explain the situation to its own people inside. 

“This way Even if there is a loss in the short term, it can lead to the solidarity of the people and their support for the government and the Establishment in the long term,” the ambassador concluded to explain the importance of the necessity of being transparent to the people. 


Source link:mehrnews

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