Iran calls for setting up joint technical consortia with CIS

made the remarks in his meeting with the Director of Intergovernmental Council of Roads Management of Bouri Karimov in on Wednesday and proposed the formation of bilateral or multilateral joint technical-engineering consortia with the Commonwealth Independent States (CIS).

Given the proposal of Karimov regarding the participation of Iranian companies in road-construction projects of Commonwealth Independent States (CIS), the pointed to the considerable progress and capabilities of Iranian technical-engineering companies, despite cruel imposed by Western countries, and proposed forming bilateral or multilateral joint consortia of technical and engineering companies by guaranteeing interests of both parties.

During the meeting, the two sides emphasized exchanging of capabilities and capacities of Iran and the Commonwealth Independent States in the field of and transit.

The development of Iran’s with the Commonwealth Independent States is one of the country’s priorities and cooperation in the field of and transit with these countries, especially after the recent geopolitical developments, has become more important.


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