Int’l Forum of Quran Researchers Starts in Morocco

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The 4th edition of the international forum of Quran researchers started on April 13 in Fes, a northeastern city of Morocco.

Int’l Forum of Quran Researchers to Be Held in Morocco

Int’l Forum of Quran Researchers to Be Held in Morocco

According to, “Quranic terms and their
relation with different sciences” is the theme of the program which will
continue until April 15.

It has been attended by a number of scholars, researchers
and experts in Quranic and religious fields from Morocco and other Islamic

The participants discuss the key role of the Holy Quran in
the development of Muslim nations and the status of the Divine verses in
various scientific fields.

The main objective of the forum is to encourage the
researchers and intellectuals to cooperate in the compilation of an
encyclopedia of Quranic concepts.

“Meanings of Quranic terms in view of lexicographers, interpreters
and terminologists”, “Quranic terms in religious sciences and Quranic issues,
Hadith, principles of religion, jurisprudence and ethics”, “relation between
Quranic terms and human sciences, literature, psychology, sociology, history,
and economic and political sciences”, “Quranic terms in mathematics, physics,
chemistry, geology, astronomy and health sciences”, and “efforts in the study
of Quranic terms” are some other themes to be investigated at the forum.

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