Int’l Conf. on Islamic Unity Begins in Yemen

(IQNA) – An international conference with the theme of has started in the Yemeni capital of ’a.


Titled “Islamic unity; opportunities and challenges”, the conference kicked off today with the participation of Muslim scholars from Yemen and other countries both virtually and in person, Msdernet website reported.

A number of prominent Muslim scholars address the of the conference on Thursday.

Sheikh Sabri

Imam and preacher of Sheikh Akrama Sabri said that unity is the foundation of the power of Muslims.

“What is going on under normalization with the Zionist enemy leads to division and weakening of social base of the ,” he warned.

Expressing strong opposition to normalization, Sheikh Sabri noted that normalization means giving up the legitimate rights of .

Sheikh Naim Qassim

Hezbollah’s deputy secretary general Sheikh Naim Qassim also addressed the event, saying, “When we see Sunni and Shia scholars are gathering in dear Yemen we understand that they are seeking reform.”

The and perseverance of Yemenis since the start of the aggression in 2014 against the aggressive coalition is proof of the Yemeni nation’s courage, he said.

Despite all difficulties, the are ready to stand beside Palestinian resistance to liberate occupied territories, he said.

Sheikh al-Mulla

President of the Association of Iraqi Sunni Scholars Sheikh Khaled al-Mulla also addressed the event, saying that enemies of Islam have tried to sow the seed of discord among . “These wars that they initiated among Muslim Ummah are the result of their plots and need to be encountered.”

Ayatollah Akhtari

Ayatollah Mohammad Hassan Akhtari, the head of the Ashura International Foundation, noted in his speech that unity is among the foundational issues of the Islamic Ummah, adding that the God Almighty has highlighted the need for unity among Muslims.

One of the great issues that the Islamic Ummah is facing today is normalization with the Zionist regime. “The regime is an enemy of Islam and Muslims and is the same regime that has occupied Palestinian lands and the first Qibla of Muslims.”



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