International tourist train arrives in Mashad

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“The train with the goal of railway tourism expansion, especially the international tourism, and also using the railway corridors’ capacity departed Tehran on Friday, April 14, and arrived in Mashad railway station on Saturday”, Mohammad Hadi Ziaie Mehr said according to Khorasan Railway Public Relations.

He said that the train which carried 47 foreign tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Mexico, Turkey, Finland and Denmark, would end the tour on April 23 in Tehran.

Declaring that expanding international railway tourism is one of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s plans, Ziaie Mehr added that there is appropriate capacity for implementing the plan and it has been welcomed by foreign tourists.

In addition to the Hezaro-Yek Shab (thousand and one night) train, two Golden Eagle trains have recently transported dozens of tourists from various countries to Iran.

1,400 km, or 14 percent, of the overall Iran’s 10,000 km railway is located in Khorasan Razavi that has placed the province’s share of railway transportation at the top of the Iranian list.


Source: irna