Infant deaths on rise in Yemen

Abdullatif Al-Washali

TV, ’a

The severe shortage of fuel in is deteriorating the care system in the country. Yemen’s Ministry of Health says the rate of infant deaths has increased amid the severe fuel crisis caused by the continued detention of oil ships by .

Health officials here say many intensive care units and emergency rooms had to stop providing services due to the lack of fuel which has led to the death of more patients, including . They want the United Nations to intervene and force Arabia to lift the siege it has imposed on Yemen.

Saudi Arabia has maintained an all-out on Yemen since March 2015. It has prevented the entry of oil vessels and seized them. This has led the war-torn country to a harsh fuel shortage.

Severe fuel crisis has significantly worsened the in Yemen, where most people have no access to basic . In the chaos caused by the Saudi blockade, Yemeni children have suffered the most.

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