Hybrid war against Russia fraught with nuclear conflict

The UN Headquarters in New York is currently hosting the Review Conference on the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Weapons, the participants of which, in the current extremely tense global situation, are discussing strategy for preventing nuclear war.

The hybrid warfare unleashed against is fraught with the potential to develop into a between nuclear powers, said Igor Vishnevetsky, deputy director of the Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control of the Russian , Sputnik reported. 

“A hybrid military campaign has been unleashed against Russia, which is forced to defend its legitimate right to ensure its fundamental security interests, fraught with slipping into a direct conflict between nuclear powers,” Vishnevetsky said at the conference on Tuesday.

Thus, Vishnevetsky noted, Russia believes that there can be no winners in a nuclear war and it should never be started.

“We believe that a nuclear war cannot be won, and it must never be fought. And we stand for equal and indivisible security for all members of the global community,” the diplomat said.

The situation in the field of strategic is rapidly deteriorating, and NATO’s malicious activity has caused a crisis in the middle of , Vishnevetsky pointed out in his speech.

“A gross violation of the principle of equal and indivisible security as a result of the harmful expansion of the military bloc of countries claiming undivided military-strategic and geopolitical dominance provoked an acute crisis in the middle of Europe,” he stated.

Vishnevetsky claimed that Washington has devalued the positive developments in the negotiations on strategic stability.

“Russia continues to fulfill its obligations under the START Treaty of 2010. On our initiative, in February 2021, it was extended for 5 years, and in July 2021, by of the presidents of the Russian Federation and the , a comprehensive dialogue on [strategic stability] was initiated,” Vishnevetsky said.

However, he added, “the positive developments were devalued by the policy of ignoring Russia’s red lines in the field of security.”

“Washington used our rebuff to the destructive course as a pretext for freezing the strategic dialogue,” the diplomat explained.


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