Hormoz Strait remains open if enemies pose no threat: IRGC Navy Commander

Press/ Iran News: Speaking to the on the sidelines of Great Prophet 17 (PBUH) drills on Tuesday, Rear Admiral said all could use the Hormoz Strait as long as the enemies posed no threat to Iran. 

Admiral Tangsiri also delivered a report of the second day of the drill, saying a total of 16 operations were carried out this morning, 15 of which were ultimately successful. 

The bombardment of the coasts, defending fighter jets by shoulder-fired missiles and 23mm weapons, using new missile launcher speedboats with a range of velocity between 75 to 95 knots, using precision-guided missiles, and practicing simultaneous -hit operation were among the operations carried out in the drill. 

The coordinated attack of precision- assault drones and hitting the mobile and fixed targets including vessels, bases, and facilities on the sea and ground through ballistic missiles also were made. 

The technologies and facilities brought to the field have been made either in the Ministry of , knowledge-based companies, and the itself, the commander of said. 

Great Prophet 17 drills (PBUH) kicked off on Monday morning, December 20, in the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, and the coasts of , Bushehr, and Khuzestan provinces. 


Second day of IRGC drill; Targeting fixed and mobile points on land and sea

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