Ground prepared for a big leap in Iran-China relations

The  Head of the Iran-China Friendship Association Alaeddin Boroujerdi made the comments in a recent  with China Radio International which was published today. 

Boroujerdi said the reality shows that Iran and have not had good relations over history. He added that the westerners especially the have always had a hostile approach towards Iran and China as well. This made China adopt a firm position against the just like Iran. For this, Iran and China have always had good relations since the in Iran in 1979.

According to the Iranian , Washington opposes Iran-China ties but the two are two independent countries that the US negative comments will not affect their relations.

“Therefore, it is natural that we can never have a strategic relationship with the with this view,” Boroujerdi pointed out.

He said that China and Iran have had long-standing relations throughout history, adding that Iran can play a big part in China’s plan to revive the historical Silk Road in the form of the One Belt One Road Initiative given the strategic Iranian geographical location.

Boroujerdi also referred to the signing of the strategic partnership document between China and Iran last year, saying “The signing of a 25-year strategic and very important document between the two countries is a real symbol of this very good relationship.”

He added that Iran-China 25-Year comprehensive strategic partnership is a multi-faceted agreement that lays the necessary ground for expanding fully-fledged ties between the two nations.

He further said the new Iranian administration under President Ebrahim  has a positive view of the strategic partnership document and is seeking to implement it as soon as possible.

He also said the enjoys the backing of  and the parliament to implement the China-Iran long-term agreement and turn the cooperation document into contracts and implement them as soon as possible.


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