‘Fundamental’ disagreement remains after NATO talks, Russia says

Russian Alexander Grushko (file by Interfax news agency)

Following an intense round of - talks in Brussels, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko has indicated there was no breakthrough in dialogue and the two sides had a lot of “fundamental” disagreements. 

“The conversation was quite frank, direct, deep, intense, but at the same time it revealed a large number of differences on fundamental issues,” the Russian diplomat told reporters after the talks in Brussels on Wednesday. He further warned that the continued deterioration of the situation could lead to the “most unpredictable and most dire consequences for European security.”

Grushko spoke after NATO rejected Russia’s demand for a new security settlement in earlier in the day. He said to de-escalate the situation over , NATO should stop sending military aid, including arms supplies, to Kyiv.

run high between Russia and the over the thorny issue of Ukraine, with the NATO chief now warning about the risk of a new armed conflict in Europe. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said on Wednesday that the western military alliance could deploy troops to Eastern Europe if decides to use force against Ukraine. Stoltenberg said the differences between the two sides remain hard to bridge. He reiterated that Moscow does not have a say in Ukraine’s possible future membership in NATO.

Separately, US Deputy Foreign Secretary threatened that any Russian attack against Ukraine would jeopardize the Nord Stream 2 .

Russia says the West needs to respond to Moscow’s concerns about NATO’s activities near its borders.

Western governments accuse Russia of planning an invasion of Ukraine amid a military buildup near the Ukrainian border. Moscow rejects the allegation and insists that deployments are defensive in nature.

Recently, Moscow has been especially unsettled by the prospect of Ukraine being admitted to NATO and has warned of serious measures to counteract that scenario. Last month, the Russian government put forth a number of security guarantees that it said it wanted from the West, in particular about Ukraine, and offered to take certain measures in exchange.

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