French Protesters Rallying against Le Pen Clash with Riot Police

TEHRAN (FNA)- France’s riot police used tear gas to control angry protesters campaigning against the Front National hours before the party’s leader Marine Le Pen’s final rally in Marseille.

The protesters, who were mainly young people, sported masks, hoods and even helmets while launching firecrackers in the direction of the police, Express reported.  

Le Pen held the meeting to galvanize as much support as possible before the first round of elections on Sunday.

The police sprayed tear gas on the protesters, who delayed the start of the rally. 

One protester, Marie, said: “Marine Le Pen coming to Marseille, a city of strong immigration, is provocation.

“I protest because when the extreme right is in power, it will be over.”

The banners read ‘Marseilles against the extreme right and fascism’.

A member of a youth communists group, Alan, 23 said: “As a communist I came to lend a hand to an anti-fascist movement.”

Around 10,000 Front National supporters attended the rally, which focused on security and immigration. 

Following the protest, the meeting was under high police surveillance. 

Two men who were suspected of planning to carry out an ISIL-style attack were arrested in Marseille earlier this week.

Voters in France will head to the polls on Sunday for the first round of the French election.





Source: fars