Five Palestinian prisoners continue hunger strike 

The are striking against their detention without trial, the Palestinian sources said.

Kayed Al-Fasfous has been on for 125 days, while hunger strikes of Alaa Al-Araj Hisham, Abu Huwash, Ayyad Al- Hraimi, Luay Al-Ashkar have entered their 100 days, 91 days 36 days and 45 days, respectively.

The report said that their lives are in danger as the hunger strikes are continuing, increasing the possibility of their .

The five Palestinian hunger strikers have been demanding an end to their illegal detention based on a “secret file” even their lawyers are not allowed to view. The so-called files are provided by the Israeli intelligence service.

authorities continue to hold the in prisons with no reason or trial in violation of international law.


Source link:mehrnews

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