Fired employees of Air Italy stage protest

/ Europe: Dozens of Air employees, representing more than 1,300 of the airline’s laid-off employees, rallied to the Italian government’s indifference to their future.

Over 1,300 staff at Italian carrier Air Italy, which went bust in 2020, on Monday began receiving letters terminating their employment, unions said.

Pilots and cabin crew had been protected by a furlough scheme since the February 2020 bankruptcy of the airline, which had been held 51 percent by the Aga Khan and 49 percent by Airways.

However, this has not been extended.

Air Italy was the second largest Italian airline that went into bankruptcy following the ongoing and the aftermath of the .

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Air Italy in 2018 recorded losses of 164 million euros, which rose to around 200 million the following year.

Two years ago, the company filed for bankruptcy and sent a letter to 1,322 last week dismissing them.

In the last two years, the fired employees have received half of their salary under unemployment insurance. Now that the company has been dissolved, they are without wages and government assistance.

About four months ago, Alitalia, the largest airline in 75 years, was dissolved due to the financial crisis, laying off thousands of employees and replacing a small airline called ITA.


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