European Group Raps Zionist Regime for ‘Systematically Killing’ Palestinians

TEHRAN (IQNA) – The Council of Europe’s parliamentary arm approved a resolution, slamming the Zionist regime for “systematic unlawful killings” of Palestinians in the so-called buffer zone between the blockaded Gaza Strip and the occupied territories.

European Group Raps Zionist Regime for ‘Systematic Killings’ Palestinians

The Council’s Parliamentary Assembly passed the resolution
on Tuesday with 46 votes in favor, 12 against and two abstentions during a
session at its headquarters in Strasbourg, France.

The resolution was drafted based on a report compiled by
Swedish politician and Assembly member Eva-Lena Jansson, Press TV reported.

The report charged Israel with “excessive and intentional
force without justification against Palestinian civilians in the buffer zone,
including against farmers, journalists, medical crews, and peaceful protesters,
[which] runs blatantly counter to human rights principles and the international
law-enforcement standards.”

“Cases of the deliberate fatal shooting of individuals who
posed no imminent danger to life amounts to an appalling pattern of apparently
systematic unlawful killings,” it added.

Citing data gathered by a Palestinian NGO, the report said
Israeli forces had killed 136 Palestinians in the area, including 20 children,
since 2010.

Elsewhere, the unwarrantable shootings against Gaza
fishermen — which regularly damage their equipment — have reduced the people
of the profession “to severe poverty and unemployment,” the report added.

It also pointed to Israel’s 50-day war against the besieged
coastal enclave in 2014, saying the military offensive left a “huge number of
people” dead and heavily destroyed civilian structure there.

“It is estimated that over 12,620 houses were totally
destroyed [in Gaza] and 6,455 severely damaged. 17,650 families or about
100,000 persons were displaced.”

Since then, the report added, Gaza has become so
uninhabitable that many of its residents have joined the influx of refugees
into Europe.

Beside monumental damage to the already-shaky
infrastructure, the 50-day warfare killed nearly 2,200 Palestinians, including
577 children.

The resolution called for an end to the blockade Israel has
kept on Gaza with the cooperation of Egypt, voicing alarm over the
deteriorating humanitarian situation in the impoverished area.

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