Europe, Taliban wanted to attend Afghanistan’s Neighbours conference

Press/ Iran news: Asked if the had been invited to a meeting of foreign ministers in ’s neighboring countries, Saeed said that the Taliban and other groups in Afghanistan had expressed their interest in attending the second meeting of the foreign ministers of the country’s neighbors.

Khatibzadeh added: “We had also received other requests to attend the summit, such as the , which was interested in attending the summit as an observer.”

The second summit of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries, hosted by Tehran at the level of foreign ministers and attended by the First Vice President of Iran, was held on Wednesday, Oct. 27.

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2nd meeting of Afghanistan’s neighboring countries

The foreign ministers of Pakistan, , Turkmenistan, and had attended the conference. The Chinese foreign minister, whose country shares a 46-mile border with Afghanistan, and the Russian foreign minister also addressed the meeting virtually. 

Foreign in Tehran, including the Chinese and Russian ambassadors, participated in the conference.

It was the second time Iran hosted a conference on Afghanistan since the Taliban took power in the Central Asian country. 

Iran and Pakistan share the longest borders with Afghanistan and host the most significant number of refugees from Afghanistan.


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