Europe should adhere to its commitments to Iran: President Raisi

(ISNA) – Speaking on Monday while receiving the credentials of the new Finnish Ambassador to Tehran, said, “We hope to see good and brilliant relations between the two countries during your mission.”

“We hope that the and will be able to work on the path to strategic independence and separate themselves from US expansionist policies, because is not in the best interests of the world,” he said.

Emphasizing the need for Europe to adhere to its commitments to , the President said to the new Finnish Ambassador, “We hope to see the expansion of Iran- relations while we are approaching the 90th anniversary of relations between the two countries and during your mission”.

The new ambassador of Finland to the Islamic Republic of Iran also said during the meeting, “Diplomatic relations between the two countries have always been good, and in December this year, these relations will become 90 years old”.

The new Finnish ambassador described Iran as one of the key actors in the region and expressed desire to cooperate with Iran in resolving such as , saying, “Finland has had good investments in Iran in the past and we want to return to that level of relations now”.

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