EU again threatens Russia with more sanctions

Jerome Hughes

Press TV, Brussels


EU chief Josep Borrell warns of massive consequences for if gives the green light for an invasion of .

On Friday, EU foreign affairs and defense ministers concluded two days of talks which were dominated by the subject of Russia. They assert Moscow is preparing to invade Ukraine.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei says Moscow’s patience with the has expired. The Kremlin demands an end to ’s military buildup close to its borders and any idea of Ukraine joining the alliance to be ruled out. We have been asking EU citizens to give their views on the crisis.

The EU has donated more than 12 billion euro to the Ukrainian Government since 2014. A European Court of Auditors’ report published last September showed how in the country is rife at the highest levels.

During their talks EU foreign affairs ministers also discussed ongoing efforts to try and get the nuclear deal back on track. France’s Jean-Yves Le Drian told journalists after the meeting that negotiations in Vienna are moving much too slowly and a decision must be reached.

But back to Russia and the ministers claim they want more constructive dialogue with Moscow but impartial analysts are asking how can they be serious amid relentless anti-Russia rhetoric and the ongoing implementation of

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