Cinéma Vérité unveils overseas full-length documentaries

The films are as follows:

“The Last Hillbilly” from and Qatar

“Raising a School Shooter” from

“Maya” from Britain

”The Gig is Up” from Canada

“Les Enfants Terribles”, from France, Turkey, Germany

“Everything Will Not Be Fine” from Romania, Ukraine

“Try Harder” from USA

“The Mole Agent” from Chile, USA, Germany, Netherlands, Spain

“Citizen Ashes” from USA, UK

“River” from


“KODOKUSHI” from Turkey

Presided by Hamidi-Moqadam, the 15th edition of “” is slated to be held in Tehran from Dec 9-16, 2021. The Documentary and Experimental Film Centre (DEFC) organizes the annual Iran International Documentary Film Festival. The festival has several sections including National, International, Martyr Lieutenant General Award, Martyr Avini Prize, Special Screenings, Portrait, Mirror of a festival, Focus on a country, Panorama, Workshop, and Doc Market.

Due to the , the major Iranian international festival for documentary films will be held with a limited number of guests and audience at Tehran’s .


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