Brooklyn Nets 105-98 Indiana Pacers

Over the NBA news, the Brooklyn Nets have come from behind to overcome the Indiana Pacers 105 to 98 at the Barclays Center.

The pacers made a 12-point margin after taking won the opener 38-26. Despite, the hosts smashed the Pacers 32-17 in the 2nd quarter, but the pacers went to their locker room with a 58-55 advantage. The Nets remained consistent after the break as they managed to take an 11 points lead.

However, the Pacers were on again in the as they grabbed it 24-20, but they could only cut the gap to 7 points and the Nets earned their 3rd victory of the season. James Harden and Kevin Durant both combined 51 points for Brooklyn while Torrey Craig bagged 28 for Indiana.

In the meantime, on Friday night at the Staples Center, the Los Angeles Lakers cruised past the Cleveland Cavaliers 113-101.

The Caves were the better side in the opener by taking it with a 7-point margin. But the Hosts came from behind and leveled the game at 54-apiece. The Lakers grabbed a 3-point lead in the 3rd quarter, before taking the final 25-16 and became the winner of the game with a 12-point overall victory.

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