Biden and Dems don’t have any successes that affect the average Americans

and the Democratic Party really don’t have any successes that affect the average Americans ahead of congressional midterm elections in November, according to an American political analyst and activist.

In an with TV on Monday, Myles Hoenig, former Green Party candidate for Congress, said that the US House of Representatives is likely to revert to the .

According to a new CBS News Battleground Tracker, Republicans are in the lead to control the US House of Representatives after this year’s midterm elections, with 230 seats projected for the GOP and 205 for .

Republican victories in 230 districts would give GOP 12 seats more than the 218 required to control the House, the showed, according to The Hill. 

Currently, Democrats hold a thin majority of 220 seats to 211 of the GOP.

Hoenig said, “The surprise in this poll is that the Republicans would only gain 12 extra seats to gain control of the House when Obama called his loss during a midterm a ‘shellacking’.”

“This doesn’t mean that it’s likely to be a narrow victory, but if the Democrats played it right, they could minimize the loss or even prevent it, which is unlikely. Democratic voters are not enthused enough to go out and vote. Their nominal head of the party, President , is as lackluster as you get and in spite of the immense need to retain the House, it might not be good enough,” he stated.

“As in all elections, especially close ones, a powerful GOTV effort is not only critical but essential for victory. The Democrats need to focus on one or two issues and pound on it. They have the issues but whether they are capable of profiting off of them is questionable. They are the threat of a national ban on and subsequent erosion of all privacy protections, and Donald Trump,” Hoenig said.

“The climate in the country right now exposes opposite sentiments. President Biden and the Democratic Party really don’t have any successes that affect the average American. But on the other side, we have a fascist and Christian Nationalist threat coming from the Republicans that should energize even the most lukewarm voter,” he said.

“A lot more energy will likely gravitate to the House elections as the Senate doesn’t look as vulnerable as it did a while ago. August is a quiet month. Congress is on break and the January 6 hearings won’t pick up until September. Also most campaigning that really gets the attention of the voters come after Labor Day, and after Primaries have settled down. So as it stands, the House is likely to revert to the Republicans and the Senate is only just in play, no ‘slam dunk,’” he concluded.


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