Benjamin Netanyahu: Scandals of corruption

(BBC) — Mr ’s luck – or expertise – may have run its course. It appears that investigations into rumours and innuendo about which have been swirling around the Netanyahu family for years are now turning into more solid cases.

There are now four police investigations – two against Mr Netanyahu and his family, two against his inner circle.

Case 1000 accuses Mr Netanyahu and his family of accepting gifts from an array of figures such as the Hollywood entrepreneur, Arnon Milchan, and the Australian businessman, James Packer, which were not “of small value and reasonable in context”, according to Israeli law.

Mr Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, is suspected of accepting 400,000 shekels (£81,000; $113,100) and of instituting cordon bleu meals on a regular basis for the family at the PM’s residence – a privilege usually reserved for state visitors.

The Israeli lays most of the blame for this state of affairs at the door of Sara, – it appears – has been instrumental in pushing for this lifestyle and possesses a reputation for treating employees badly.

Case 2000 involves a deal with the daily Yediot Aharanot to secure better coverage for Mr Netanyahu’s policies in exchange for weakening its rival, the hitherto loyal, freebie, Hayom, owned by businessman Sheldon Adelson.

A taped with Arnon Mozes, Yediot’s publisher, and the testimony of Mr Netanyahu’s former chief of staff Ari Harow – now a state witness – appear to have turned the tide.

Case 3000 involves Mr Netanyahu’s lawyer and cousin, David Shimron, who is being investigated in a case regarding the acquisition of submarines from the German shipbuilder, Thyssen Krupp.

Several suspects have been detained including the former commander of the Israeli Navy. Unofficial lobbying, indirect bribes and senior officials turned state witness are all features of this case.

Case 4000 involves Shlomo Filber, a former head of the Central Committee of Mr Netanyahu’s Likud party, who was appointed director-general of the ministry of communications shortly after the 2015 .

Mr Netanyahu swiftly dismissed the former holder of the post when he proposed a broadband reform. Mr Filber is suspected of supplying insider information to Bezeq, the major telecom company in Israel. He denies this.

Mr Netanyahu’s predecessors, Ehud Barak and Ariel Sharon, were the subjects of investigation, while Ehud Olmert was convicted and sent to prison.


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