Ayatollah Khamenei offers condolences over passing of Iran’s Yemen envoy

Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has issued a over the recent passing of Hassan Irloo, ’s ambassador to ’a, who died of COVID-19 complications amid Saudi obstruction.

In the Wednesday message, compared Irloo’s to martyrdom, calling him an “efficient envoy.”

“His (Irloo’s) glorious track record features a collection of political struggle, diplomatic endeavors, and social activisim,” read the message.

The envoy had earlier this week been repatriated from Yemen to receive treatment at home. Some officials from , which has subjected Yemen to an all-out war and blockade since 2015, however, delayed his return.

This is while, the official was already suffering from injuries sustained in chemical warfare attacks during the war that former Iraqi dictator waged against Iran from 1980 to 1988, making his return even more urgent.

Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, foreign minister of Yemen’s National Salvation Government, also offered his condolences over Irloo’s passing earlier, describing the former envoy as “heroic.”

Iranian Foreign Minister said Tuesday that some executive bodies in Riyadh were to blame for a delay in allowing Iran’s late ambassador to Yemen, adding that  will lodge a formal protest over the foot-dragging in accordance with international law.

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