Attack of America on Syria would not resolve any problem

Time :   4/13/2017 8:26:13 PM News Code : 42684

Shabestan news agency has reported with reference of Al-Minar news channel that Salil Shetty the Secretary General of amnesty international, while conversing with France Press news agency, said that the biggest challenge that is being faced by us in Syria is lack of justice.

He further said that occasional attacks of America on Syria cannot resolve this problem.

He said that emotional reaction of America after chemical attack is not enough rather we should take collateral action against perpetrators. Therefore, we cannot rely on emotional reaction in this regard.

He has demanded from United Nations to start investigations in this regard.

He, while criticizing the members of Security Council, said that they focus on politics instead of focusing on peace in world.

Secretary General of amnesty international, while criticizing policies of Donald Trump regarding ban on the entry of Syrian refugees in America, said that this action is completely contradictory to concern about chemical attack on civilians.


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