Armenian official briefs Iranian envoy on border situation

The Secretary of the Security Council briefed the Iranian Ambassador on the situation on the shared Armenian-Azerbaijani border, the Radio website said on Tuesday.

The two sides also discussed and , and the unblocking of infrastructure.

The parties expressed confidence that it is possible to reduce the border as soon as possible and stressed a peaceful settlement.

Armenia’s eastern border with has witnessed a new round of escalating between the two countries while they accuse each other of violations, ’s Interfax news agency reported, quoting the Armenian .

Interfax also reported that the Armenian Ministry of announced today that 12 Armenian soldiers had been captured by the . The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan stated in a separate statement that it blames Armenia for the deliberate escalation of tensions on the border between the two countries.

Earlier, the Armenian Defense Ministry said that the situation on the eastern border of the country had been very tense since 4 pm (local time).


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