Armenia rejects Aliyev’s allegations against Yerevan, Tehran as baseless

/ Asia: “In 2020, thirteen criminal cases were filed to combat on the Iranian-Armenian border, and 14 people were charged,” the Office of the Attorney General of announced in a statement on Friday.

“In the first 9 months of 2021, 12 cases were investigated and 24 people, including citizens of Iran and Armenia, were charged,” the statement reads.

Armenia says while a total of 157 kilograms of were discovered at the borders between 2017 and 2020, this figure has risen to 451 kilograms only in 2021.

The statement said: “All the statistics show that the allegations made by the President of Republic are fabricated, and designed to discredit Iran and Armenia. Therefore, the claims are doomed to failure.”

Aliyev recently claimed that Armenia and Iran had been using the to smuggle drugs into for years.

In response to Aliyev’s allegations, Armenia’s Prime Minister stated that Iran and Armenia were helping each other to fight drug trafficking. 

The Iranian later denied Aliyev’s allegations.


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