Above 50,000 Students Participating in Quranic Plans in Alborz Province

(IQNA) – An official in of says more than 50,000 students are taking part in various Quranic plans.

A student attending a local Quranic competition in Tehran


Speaking to IQNA on Sunday, Salar Ghasemi, director general of education in Alborz province, said that more than 20,000 students are attending plans for thematic and regular memorization and some 30,000 others are taking part in courses related to memorization of the 30th Juz.

He said the plans are part of a larger project that aims to expand Quranic culture.

“The purpose is to take influential steps for promoting and propagating the Quranic culture and reach the desired results and as well, establish a healthy and constructive competition among students,” he said.

Schools, he continued, can have a significant role in encouraging students to learn more about Quran and those interested can next attend dar-ol-Quran centers for further training.

He also said the memorization courses are being held virtually due to concerns over the for now.

There is a special Quranic center in each of the counties of the province under the management of the Education Ministry, he said, adding that some 70 students are as well receiving Quranic education in each of these centers.

With a population of around 2.7 million, Alborz province has six counties and is located in the of Tehran.


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