Kerman to showcase crafts with seals of excellence


TEHRAN – An exhibition showcasing selected handicrafts with seals of excellence will be held to commemorate national Handicrafts Week in Kerman, Iran.

“Considering the organization of the National Seal of Excellence event hosted by Kerman a couple of months ago,” a local official in charge of handicrafts, on Sunday, brought to light. “The exhibition of selected handicrafts will be held to commemorate Handicrafts Week.”

“Out of the 109 works that received the national seals of excellence, 49 works were in the traditional embroidery group, 28 works were in the textile weaving group, 25 works were in the metal handicrafts group …,” Azzam Alikhani continued.  

She continued by referring to the creativity place, which is under preparation as a creative handicrafts house, stating that holding specialized sessions and trainings in the field of handicrafts and providing a suitable space for artists to become familiar with the market, sales, and commerce are among the priorities of creative houses.

The creation of suitable educational spaces, including branding, marketing, and sales, with the presence of prominent instructors, will strengthen the craftsmen in the field of handicrafts, Alikhani winded up.


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