Vahdat Hall to host performance showcasing Iranian traditions

TEHRAN-Tehran’s Vahdat Hall will be hosting a ritual performance on Iranian costumes and traditions on March 8. 

Ava Music Ensemble along with Vashtan Art Groupe will perform the program entitled “Color and Symbol”, ILNA reported on Saturday. 

With Elaheh Dabbaghi as the writer and director, and Majid Fallahpur as the producer, the program will focus on Iranian traditions.

The show will feature performances by Farzaneh Akhavan, Maryam Akhavan Goran, Farnaz Azhdari, Zahra Akbari, Razieh Ariafard, Aida Bayati, Faezeh Pourjajarmi, Atieh Janqorban, Fatemeh Jahani Tabesh, Setayesh Javadi, and Donya Damak.

Ritual performance and play are integral aspects of cultures around the world, serving as important means of expressing beliefs, traditions, and values. 

Ritual performances often involve symbolic gestures, actions, and ceremonies that are deeply rooted in cultural or religious significance. These performances can range from religious ceremonies like prayers and sacrifices to cultural celebrations such as festivals and dances. 

On the other hand, plays are scripted performances that typically involve actors portraying characters in a story or situation. While ritual performances are often steeped in tradition and solemnity, plays provide a platform for creative expression and storytelling. Both ritual performance and play hold significant roles in shaping and preserving cultural identity and heritage.


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