Their only pride is sanctions

TEHRAN – In a note, Shargh addressed the U.S. sanctions approach against Iran and wrote: So far, Joe Biden’s government has imposed more than 55 separate sanctions against Iran, targeting more than 550 individuals and institutions.

According to John Kirby, we do not have any plans to cancel, exempt, or reduce any new sanctions imposed on Iran, and these sanctions have been imposed due to human rights violations, hostage-taking, the production of missiles and drones, and Iran’s nuclear programs. The United States and the United Kingdom have been working together for some time to impose some sanctions against individuals and institutions of the Islamic Republic, as well as against the Yemeni Ansarallah. For various reasons, including human rights and the wars in Ukraine and Israel, the Biden administration along with its Western allies has imposed sanctions against Iran. Following the U.S. claims, the Islamic Republic has declared that these actions against Iran or its armed forces are misleading, baseless, and unacceptable.

Javan: Germany, Given its human rights history, not entitled to judge Iran

In a commentary, Javan dealt with the human rights accusations of the German foreign minister against Iran and said: According to the human rights advisor of the Iranian delegation, the country that has made accusations against Iran its history is full of widespread human rights violations committed both inside and outside its borders. German leaders who claim to defend the rights of women and girls give financial, military, and political aid to the Israeli regime that is killing thousands of Palestinian women and girls or forcing them to escape from their homes. Germany, with a history full of extensive human rights violations, which has lost the moral and political credibility to be a member of the Human Rights Council, cannot advise Iran on human rights.

Hamshahri: John Bolton and a new story

In an analysis, Hamshahri discussed the recent claim of John Bolton, who was Trump’s national security advisor, and said: John Bolton, the radical and belligerent former national security advisor of the United States, by repeating anti-Iran claims, has accused Tehran of arming its affiliated forces in order to use them for the conflict. By repeating the claims and accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, he claimed that the Palestinian, Lebanese, and Yemeni resistance groups supported by Tehran continue to fight against Israel. According to his claim, Iran is involved in every issue in the Middle East. So if America is not prepared to use force, it will never be able to create deterrence, which is the real key to peace and security. These anti-Iran statements are made while Amir Abdollahian has repeatedly said that Iran was not aware of this action by Hamas. But we believe that Hamas’ move was a liberating action against Israel’s occupation. The Islamic Republic of Iran is always against the killing of women, children and civilians anywhere in the world.

Ham Mihan: Iran is a powerful deterrent 

In an interview with Ham Mihan, Mahmoud Shouri, a senior expert on Eurasia affairs, pointed to the crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Iran’s neighborhood. He said: Iran has managed to control the crisis in this (Caucasus) region or prevent further escalation of tension. All the actions that Iran has taken have been aimed at stabilizing the situation in the region. In addition, no country will accept an annexation of Armenian territory to Azerbaijan by force. The Europeans do not accept such a thing, the Americans do not agree with such an approach, and the Russians are looking for a solution based on the agreement of the parties. If the Republic of Azerbaijan takes military action to achieve its goals, it may not face very serious obstacles, unless a country like the Islamic Republic of Iran through diplomatic interaction with Russia can create the necessary deterrence before such an action happens and not let Azerbaijan take such an action.

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