Iran condemns Israel’s blatant attack on Gazans who were collecting food aid

TEHRAN – Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman has called for global action to stop Israeli atrocities in Palestine, condemning the recent brutal incident where Israeli troops opened fire on hundreds waiting for food aid southwest of Gaza City.

“The scars of Gaza linger in the collective memory of freedom-loving individuals globally, underscoring the shame associated with supporting and remaining silent in the midst of mass killings and genocide,” Nasser Kanaani wrote in a post on X on Thursday.

Lamenting the brutal killing of more than 100 Palestinians in the Al-Rashid Street incident, the spokesman noted, “The stain of complicity endures despite the hollow claims of human rights advocates in America and Europe.”

More than 100 Palestinians have been killed and some 700 others wounded after Israeli troops opened fire on hundreds waiting for food aid southwest of Gaza City, health officials say, as the besieged enclave faces an unprecedented hunger crisis.

The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the incident, describing it as a cold-blooded “massacre”. The ministry said the attack was part of Israel’s ongoing “genocidal war”. It called on the international community to “urgently intervene” to forge a ceasefire as “the only way to protect civilians”.

“We went to get flour. The Israeli army shot at us. There are many martyrs on the ground and until this moment we are withdrawing them. There is no first aid,” said one witness.

Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has resulted in the death of more than 30,000 Palestinians, with a majority being women and children. Another 70,457 individuals have been wounded, and many bodies remain trapped under rubble. Approximately 576,000 people, about a quarter of Gaza’s population, are now “one step away from famine,” according to the UN humanitarian affairs chief.

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