Ukraine expects nearly $12bn in aid from US

Ukraine expects to get $11.8 billion from the United States this year, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal has said.

“This is what we agreed on, this is what will help us close the financial gap. And we are deeply convinced that the United States will not leave Ukraine alone in terms of both financial support and armed military support, because they are combined in one package,” Shmyhal said. 

Shmyhal was responding to a question from CNN about his level of faith in the U.S. Congress to deliver aid to Ukraine. Lawmakers in Washington have so failed to agree upon providing more funding for Kyiv to push back against Russia.

Earlier this month, the Senate passed a $95 billion foreign aid package for Ukraine and Israel, but legislation is not expected to make it to a floor vote in the House of Representatives, where isolationist Republicans hold more sway.

Speaking at Ukraine 2024, a government-run conference bringing together the top officials, Shmyhal said the Senate’s decision “gives us great hope.”

“We are very much dependent on the help of the United States as a whole package of military and financial support. So we are waiting for the Congress to make a decision,” he said.

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