U.S. activists call for global day of action in solidarity with Gaza

Pro-Palestine activists in the United States have launched a campaign on social media urging people to join nationwide rallies set to take place in most U.S. cities on March 2.

These rallies will coincide with a global day of action demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the WAFA news agency wrote. 

Participants will include members of Arab and Muslim communities, activists, and those standing in solidarity with the Palestinian cause. The organizers say they vehemently reject the Israeli occupation’s brutal war on Gaza, echoing the sentiments of previous large-scale protests held in Washington, New York, Chicago, and Houston.

The organizers believe that these marches and the simultaneous mobilization of participants across the streets will send a powerful message against one of the most heinous and brutal forms of genocide in modern history.

They aim to leverage global solidarity in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people amid the ongoing Israeli relentless war, which has so far claimed the lives of nearly 30,000 Palestinians, the majority of who are civilians.

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