All strategic Israeli sites within range of our missiles, drones: Top Hezbollah official

A top-ranking Hezbollah official says all military outposts and strategic installations across the Israeli-occupied territories are within the range of missiles and drones of the Lebanese resistance movement.

Vice President of the Executive Council of Hezbollah Sheikh Ali Damoush stated on Sunday that it would be the “height of folly” for the Tel Aviv regime to wage a full-scale offensive against Lebanon as fighters from his resistance group are at the apex of their combat preparedness.

“All their strategic centers are within the range of our missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

“The resistance front in Lebanon has grown to be strong and deterrent, thanks to tremendous sacrifices and achievements made by its members and fallen combatants. The Zionist enemy absolutely dreads getting into a major confrontation with Hezbollah because it is uncomfortably aware of the group’s prowess,” Damoush said.

The senior Hezbollah official stressed that Israeli officials are sorely mistaken and delusional if they think they can compel resistance fighters to retreat and capitulate to their desires by means of threats, stepped-up attacks, destruction of facilities and massacre of women and children.

“We are the men of the battlefield, and will not abdicate our responsibility in defending Lebanon and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli enemy must know that its attacks cannot change the rules of the conflict. The regime is in a position of defeat and its authorities have turned to mediators to stop Hezbollah’s operations in southern Lebanon and ensure the security of settlers in northern occupied Palestinian lands,” Damoush said.

He underlined that Hezbollah is determined to continue fighting in southern Lebanon and respond proportionately to Israeli attacks on civilians.

“[Hezbollah] will ramp up operations in the face of Israel’s escalatory measures, and will strike more Israeli outposts in response to more destruction. An eye for an eye,” the top Hezbollah official said.

The Israeli regime has been intermittently attacking southern Lebanon since October 7, when it launched the devastating campaign of death and destruction in Gaza.

In retaliation, Hezbollah has mounted near-daily rocket attacks on Israeli positions.

More than 270 people have been killed on the Lebanese border, most of them Hezbollah fighters but also 44 civilians. 

Israel says at least ten of its troopers and six settlers have been killed in the area.

The fighting has forced the evacuation of tens of thousands from the northern part of the occupied territories, which have been pummeled by rocket fire and shelling carried out by Hezbollah and allied Palestinian groups.

Hezbollah has urged residents in southern Lebanon to take their CCTV camera systems offline to prevent Israel from hacking into those devices installed outside homes and shops in southern Lebanon.

Hezbollah has already fought off two Israeli wars against Lebanon in 2000 and 2006. The resistance forced the regime to retreat in both conflicts.

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