IRIB chief praises Gaza journalists for exposing Israeli crimes

TEHRAN – During an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times, the head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) extols Palestinian voices in Gaza for speaking of the ongoing Israeli crimes in the besieged strip despite having to risk their lives to make reports.

“During every war that Israel has waged on Palestinians in the past years, it has tried to reduce Palestinians to mere terrorists that are only after chaos,” Peyman Jebelli told the Tehran Times as he toured the 24th Iran Media Exhibition on Wednesday.

Jebelli explained that this time around, Israel has not managed to vilify Palestinians despite Western media outlets working in tandem to disparage the people of Gaza.

“After Operation Al-Aqsa Storm, Israel couldn’t continue with its modus operandi. Thanks to social media and the courage of Gaza’s journalists, people got to see the true colors of the regime. They began to learn about the rich history of Palestine and what Palestinians have been going through in the past 75 years,” the IRIB chief said, adding that a large population around the world is now a staunch supporter of the Palestinian cause.

Since the beginning of the latest wave of Israeli onslaughts on Gaza, the regime has tried to prevent Palestinian journalists from posting news and photos of the gruesome situation in the enclave by cutting off the internet and all communications or targeting reporters. It has killed over 100 journalists in Gaza since October 7.

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