Iran disavows U.S. phony allegations of providing Yemen with weaponry

TEHRAN- Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations has vehemently dismissed claims levelled by the United States that Tehran has provided Yemen with all kinds of weaponry and arms.

In a letter to the president of the UN Security Council on Monday, Amir Saeid Iravani said that Tehran has lived up to its commitments and continues to adhere to resolutions 2140 (2014) and 2216 (2015) and has not carried out any activities contrary to these resolutions, including selling or transferring arms to Yemen.

Iravani also slammed the United States for disseminating false information to the Security Council and making baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic regarding the situation in Yemen and the Red Sea. 

He was responding to the unfounded claims of the U.S. envoy in a meeting of the Council held on February 14 under the agenda of the situation in West Asia. 

The full text of the letter is in the following:  

Further to our letter dated 15 January 2024 (S/2024/64), I would like to respond to yet another baseless allegation made by the representative of the United States against my Country. During the recent session of the United Nations Security Council held on 14 February 2024 under the agenda item of the situation in the Middle East (S/2024/9548), it is deeply regrettable that, once again, the representative of the United States has misused the Security Council platform to advance its short-sighted political agenda by spreading misinformation and baseless accusations against the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the situation in Yemen and the Red Sea.

Iran categorically rejects these baseless allegations, viewing them as a pretext used by the United States to justify and legitimize its illegal actions and military aggression against Yemen. As reiterated in our letter dated 15 January 2024, Iran remains committed to its adherence to Security Council Resolutions 2140 (2014) and 2216 (2015) and has not engaged in any activities in contravention of these resolutions, including the sale or transfer of arms or weaponry systems. Moreover, Iran consistently advocates for the peaceful resolution of the Yemen crisis through diplomatic channels and underscores its dedication to maritime security and freedom of navigation.

Once again, Iran unequivocally condemns the US and UK’s military aggression and unlawful use of force in Yemen, which flagrantly violates Yemen’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, international law, the UN Charter, and relevant Security Council resolutions, posing a serious threat to regional peace and stability. The invocation of self-defense under Article 51 of the UN Charter by the US and the UK to justify their illegal actions is misleading and lacks legitimacy under international law.

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