Nearly 7000 Palestinians arrested in West Bank

Nearly 7000 Palestinians arrested in West Bank

The Palestinian Prisoners’ Club, an advocacy group that keeps a tally of detainees from the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem, said that Israeli forces have arrested 6,950 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank since October 7.

In December, a UN office said it was “seriously concerned” about a dramatic rise in Israel’s arrest of Palestinians and called for an investigation into allegations of torture in Israeli custody, The Guardian reported. 

Since the October 7 attack by the resistance movement Hamas in Israel, and the regime’s subsequent heavy bombardment of Gaza, Palestinians held in Israeli jails have reported deteriorating conditions, including overcrowding, restricted access to food and water and limited visits from family or lawyers.

Many have said they were subjected to beatings and abuse by detention guards. Israel’s Prison Service has previously claimed that all prisoners in its custody “are detained according to the provisions of the law”.

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