Zionists shell UNRWA school in Gaza with phosphorus bombs


Zionist fighter jets on Thursday targeted a school affiliated with the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees or UNRWA in a refugee camp west of Gaza City with smoke bombs, Anadolu Agency reports.

The local Al-Aqsa channel reported that Israeli war jets targeted a UNRWA school in the Al-Shati camp with internationally banned incendiary white phosphorus weapons.

In the video, smoke can be seen billowing from the bombs as they are being dropped in the schoolyard of the agency, where several displaced people have taken refuge due to relentless Zionist airstrikes in Gaza since Oct. 7.

“They are targeting schools with phosphorus,” said a member of the public in the video, pointing to one of the smoke bombs.

Under the Geneva Convention, attacking schools is prohibited, as they are civilian facilities. Zionist regime has targeted schools as well as hospitals, houses, and houses of worship, claiming military targets were there or nearby.

As of 0725GMT, no media outlets had reported any injuries resulting from the strike, and no official Palestinian or Israeli sources have commented on the incident.

The smoke from white phosphorus, when inhaled, can cause sudden lung injuries and suffocation.

White phosphorus can cause second-and third-degree burns to the skin and readily ignites upon contact with oxygen. When used as a bomb, it not only has explosive effects but also leads to fires.


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